The crystals are placed loosely in the geo hangers and are positioned to not fall out.

If positioned incorrectly the crystals may fall out and break.

I place no more then 3 crystals in each geo hanger due to weight.

By placing the crystals loosely in the geo hangers this gives you the choice to add your own crystals if you desire.


Air plants feed from the moisture on their leaves, not from the roots like a normal plant. They are quite easy to care for and require little maintenance. Give them a good soak in a dish before you add them to their home, then depending on your home and where they are positioned give them a spray either once or twice a week. If you place your air plants on a crystal, please make sure that that crystal is one that can get wet. I place mine on Rose Quartz which can withstand contact with water.


I sand my branches back to as much as I think they need. Some branches have more character in them then others and I like to leave this in as it gives them a unique look. All my branches have been treated with a termite, wood borer pest solution before being sealed for maximum protection. The branches are sealed with either a matt or semi gloss interior/exterior sealer keeping it looking as natural as possible but protected.