Where My Young Living Journey Started

What bought me to Young Living?

Peace and Calming was the very first oil I wanted and fell in love with.

I knew nothing about oils at this stage except that I wanted them in my life. I didn’t even know what company sold oils, but I remember my first experience with Young Living like it was yesterday (I even remember what I was wearing)

I came across a YL stall at a local market I was at and immediately felt at home. I knew this is what I needed in so many ways. I met Naomi (who would become my upline) and we got into a deep conversation about oils. Not one bit of pressure to join, just genuine interest in helping me with what I wanted/needed.

I wanted an oil for my dog at the time as she suffered from severe anxiety and had separation issues with me. Dime was a staffy. Thunderstorms scared her to death and I’m not exaggerating on that. Many times, she’d work herself up to a point where her eyes would roll back in her head and she’d pass out in my lap. She had medication for her bad days, but the meds took about 2 hours to really kick in so if a storm arrived without notice, we were up shit creek. I needed something else that I could use right away… And would work.

Without hesitation Peace and Calming was recommended. The name says it all. But to get Peace and Calming I needed to sign up & I didn’t want to do that as I knew nothing about YL. So I walked away… AND THAT WAS OK !!!

I went home that night and researched Young Living. I researched other essential oil companies as well for about a week, but no other EO company was as transparent as YL was and that transparency is what sealed the deal for me. Seed to Seal (more about this later). I had nothing to lose so I thought I’d try it and see how it went.

I signed up a week later and ordered a Premium Starter Kit which included Peace and Calming and 12 other oils, a diffuser and a few other items and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made and where my YL journey started.

I learnt to use Peace and Calming on Dime. She was never an inside dog; she didn’t like it but she hated being outside as well so she’d bark all day and jump at the back door wanting to come in, only to want to go back outside. I made up a rub with organic coconut oil and about 5 drops of Peace and Calming and rubbed it all over her belly and instantly I noticed such a difference. For the first time since I could remember she went and layed down on the grass and relaxed, instead of pacing and running around and barking at absolutely nothing.

On bad days I popped a few drops into my hands and rubbed it on her temples and behind her ears.

Of a night id diffuse Peace and Calming with Lavender to settle her.

But during thunderstorms it was an amazing difference. I would sit with her from the moment the storm started to way after it finished as Dime would almost pass out in my lap of severe fright. Sometimes id thought she had had a heart attack and died. It was horrible, So id diffuse Peace and Calming & Lavender, rub her balm all over her, where ever I could and I place undiluted drops around her head. She settled about 75%. It didn’t take the fright away but it sure made her a hell of a lot calmer.

There are always alternative solutions to problems that aren’t being solved. I didn’t want to have to drug my dog everyday so I looked elsewhere and came across Young Living. It was my answer, where my journey began and 8 plus years later, my journey is still continuing.

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