Frequently asked questions

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What kind of wood do you use for your branches?

Most of my branches are picked up when I go on walks through bushlands, parks and beaches, so their identity is unkown.

Did you harm trees to get your wood?

No ! Through age, storms, nature, and animal use, limbs and trunks of trees break naturally over time. All my branches were found naturally fallen meaning they were laying on the earths ground ready to be given a second chance at life.

How do you prep your wood?

Each branch and slice is dried out for a few weeks prior to sanding to make sure all moisture has left the pieces. They are then sanded with different grits of sandpaper for a smooth finish.

What do you seal them with?

I use a waterbased formula in satin or matt finish to give them a natural look. For pieces that are going to be used around food (such as wood slices) a food safe sealant formula is applied.

Are your pots made from terracotta?

Yes my pots are terracotta.

Do you seal your pots first?

Yes. All my pots are sealed with a waterbased terracotta pot sealer over a course of 3 days. They are sealed 3 times on the inside at 4 hour intervals and 3 times on the outside at 4 hour intervals. This provides maximum protection so water will not push the paint off.

Are all your materials waterbased?

Yes. All products used are waterbased, including the paint.

Do you do colour requests for your pots?

No I dont as I have no control how the colours will come out once poured.

How many colours do you use to make your pots?

I generally use 3 contrasting colours, sometimes 4.